May 31, 2017

Work Wear: Fashion Meets Function

Whether we like it or not, how we dress affects not only how we are perceived by others but also how we feel about ourselves. That’s why in business, it’s so important to project the right image through your fashion.

Personally, when I take that extra bit of time in the morning to invest in myself it sets me up for success for the rest of the day. When we feel good about the image we are projecting to the world we naturally have more confidence. And confidence is vital for the business world.

Many people think that dressing professionally equals a boring and uncomfortable wardrobe. Well, I’m here to refute this misconception!

I have 5 simple tips on how to achieve stylish and comfortable looks for the office.

Comfort is Key
  1. Choose the Right Fabrics ⇒ Thankfully clothing designers are placing a greater emphasis on comfort. As a result, there are lots of wonderful fabrics out there that are soft, stretchy and comfortable. When choosing work wear look for fabrics that are soft, have some stretch, but also still have structure. Structure is necessary to ensure the clothing accentuates your shape.
  2. Fit is Queen ⇒ If there is only one tip that you follow from this list it should be this one. Tailoring your clothes is SO important, especially if you are petite. Clothes that are properly tailored to fit your body are THE MOST comfortable, it’s as simple as that! Find a good tailor and use them often. In order for you to feel truly comfortable in a blazer, pencil skirt or trousers they must be the right length and properly fit your waist, inseam and shoulders.
Be an Office Fashionista
  1. Vary Textures  People often gravitate towards monochromatic looks. The key to pulling together a stylish monochromatic outfit is to vary your textures, such as pairing a black leather skirt with a black silk blouse. Varied textures gives an outfit dimension and creates visual interest.
  2. Don’t be Afraid of Color & Print  Add some fun into your work wardrobe with bright colors and bold prints. I don’t necessarily recommend wearing head to toe floral print! However, a few items such as a bold statement necklace, floral blazer, printed dress or brightly colored handbag will transform your wardrobe from bland to stylish.
  3. Add Trendy Pieces  Each season add a few trendy pieces to your work wardrobe. It doesn’t need to be a wardrobe overhaul, just a new piece or two to freshen things up. Bell sleeves are currently on trend for spring/summer 2017, so consider purchasing a new blazer with bell sleeves (as I’m wearing in the photos) to liven up those power suits.

I’ve rounded up a few professional pieces that are comfortable, stylish and tick all of the boxes for my tips above.

My Picks

One | Two | Three | Four | Five | Six | Seven | Eight | Nine

Thank you so much for reading. I hope you found these tips helpful. Don’t forget that you can shop my look at the bottom of the post. Now go get em’ boss babes! 🙂


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