July 12, 2017

Styling the Summer Jumpsuit

Summer is definitely my favorite season. I try to soak in every sun-filled moment, but it’s such a crazy busy time in our house, packed with celebrations and vacations. Thus far I have attended a family reunion in Saskatchewan and a bachelorette party in the Niagara region. We also have a few weddings and mini vacations planned. There are only a handful of weekends where we will actually be home over the summer months. I’m sure many of you can relate! 🙂

At the beginning of every summer I’m always looking to add a few dressy pieces to my wardrobe to ensure I’m ready to attend weddings and any other celebrations. Typically these pieces include dresses or skirts, but this year I’ve actually fallen in love with the jumpsuit!Without a doubt, jumpsuits are a chic, statement piece! Here are five tips for styling the jumpsuit:

  1. Choose the Right Style – Jumpsuits that are fitted at the waist and looser on the legs typically tend to be the most figure flattering. If you are petite, opt for a slim, cropped style to avoid looking like you are swimming in fabric. If you’re tall, you are good to rock those wide legged jumpsuits!
  2. Accessorize – The best thing about a jumpsuit is that you can literally put it on and go. But, the right accessories are key to injecting your own personal style.  To keep things chic, pay particular attention to your shoes, jewelry and a belt. Find accessories that will highlight your jumpsuit while breaking up its monotony at the same time.
  3. Accentuate that Waist – The key to defining your figure is to accentuate your waist. If a jumpsuit isn’t structured enough a belt is a vital accessory to define your waist in a flattering way. Try a belt in a contrasting color to that of your jumpsuit. Doing so will add a new dimension to the outfit and break up the straight line of your jumpsuit.
  4. Wear it to Work – A jumpsuit is such a versatile piece that you can definitely add into your work wardrobe rotation. Choose a well-tailored style that flatters your figure, add a blazer and some simple accessories, and you’re ready to go. I also think slim heels are key to pulling off a jumpsuit for the office.
  5. Keep it Casual – For a casual look choose jumpsuits that are cotton or chambray fabrics. Loose fitting jumpsuits with an elastic or drawstring waist tend to be universally flattering. Pair the jumpsuit with lace-up sandals or flat ankle booties to complete the look.

I’ve rounded up a few of my favorite jumpsuits just below. You can also shop my look at the bottom of the post 🙂

Happy shopping!


Jumpsuit Roundup

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  1. love the colors on this jumpsuit. definitely stylish enough to wear to work.

  2. The print is so nice, perfect for summer! And I love the shoes and accessories you paired it with. Such a pretty outfit!

  3. I love this jumpsuit and those shoes are paired so perfectly with it!!

  4. The jumpsuit is gorgeous. I never think to wear a jumpsuit in the summer, I always go with a romper but you definitely convinced me!

  5. Love the print on this jumpsuit! So chic!

  6. I love my jumpsuit! I get compliments on it everywhere I go. I love how you paired it with heels. Since the leg of the jumpsuits typically cut off at the calf, it’s important to extend the leg by wearing some sort of heel. Otherwise, I look cutoff and stubby.

  7. I never thought I was a fan of jumpsuits, but this post just changed my mind! There are SO adorable and I love how you styled it! Thanks for sharing!

  8. I’m so glad jumpsuits have made a come back. Ive always loved them!

  9. In love with this jumpsuit, those floral details are very lovely xo


  10. i love your tips about accessorizing and styling the jumpsuit. such key tips! you nailed it!

    Tonya @ http://www.tonyamezrich.com

  11. Omg such a cute jumpsuit!

  12. I absolutely love the print of this jumpsuit!

  13. Jumpsuits are my absolute favorite! Definitely a closet staple. I love the colors on this one!

  14. This dress print amazing, definitely stylish enough to wear to work.

  15. This jumpsuit is so pretty!! I love the floral print. A perfect summer piece!

  16. This floral jumpsuit is so pretty! I love the back of it!

    Amanda || http://www.fortheloveofglitter.com

  17. adriana says:

    This is just the cutest! I love this jumpsuit and how you styled it!

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