January 6, 2017


Photography: Arsenik Studios

Hi friends, my name is Taryn! A few years ago, I signed up with a fitness and nutrition coach as a way to ‘lose a few pounds.’ As the months passed and the pounds fell off I gained a new perspective. I learned to eliminate behaviors that no longer added value to my physical and mental health, and embraced new habits that lead me down a path of confidence, happiness and self-acceptance. Most importantly, I learned to love my body for everything it could do, instead of focusing on all of the things it wasn’t.

Peplums + Push-Ups is a platform to inspire women to embrace habits that empower them to live a happy, healthy, confident life. Confidence and beauty are interconnected and I believe that feeling beautiful comes from inner strength, feeling put together on the outside and embracing healthy lifestyle behaviors.

Peplums + Push-Ups will feature topics such as fitness, fashion, nutrition and healthy living. I am really excited to share all of the things that fuel me to lead a happy, healthy, confident life. If I can inspire even one person to love themselves from the inside out than this blog has done its job.

A bit more about me: I live in Calgary, Alberta with my husband and our miniature dachshund, Magic. When I’m not blogging or at the gym, I work as a business analyst in the energy sector. Some of my passions include fashion, strength training, cooking and travel.

Thank you for stopping by! Please take a look around, share your own experiences and hopefully feel inspired.